Ed-Blocs in Hong Kong Science Fair

Janice Dwyer explains the amazing experience she and her students had with Ed-Blocs.

What is Ed-Blocs™?

Children exposed to learning with Ed-Blocs will gain an important learning advantage in today's technological world. The student learns hardware programing using hands-on functional blocks. The function block logic gates are the same building blocks with in a modern computer.

At a young age, when their minds are open and most receptive to learning, Ed-Blocs introduces primary schools to the concepts underpinning the world of information technology and systems design.

The 'magic' of Ed-Blocs is that the theory behind the operation of each block is transparent as it is presented as a simple block function. Students can put the logic of block function into practice, developing logical self-thinking design skills in real world applications.

While children 'play' with Ed-Blocs building everyday systems such as automatic garden watering, alarms, or remote controls, they are also developing the ability to think logically and solve complex problems.

The learning is fine-tuned to map the modern school technology syllabus using self-paced or teacher-directed ‘real-world’ tasks. Assessment is automatically generated with customised reporting - great for student homework as it requires no school resourses or teacher time.

Ed-Blocs is a ‘blended learning’ system using web-based software and hardware of 32 electronic ‘blocks’ to engage students in a broad range of learning experiences. The hardware allows the hands-on learners to show themselves. The logic gates help student create solutions to design challenges eg.environment.