All Ed-Blocs hardware have Kit Instructions - see link at bottom of page.

These electronic kits have been designed from the begining for the begineer but with a whole system approach.

They represent the best electronic engineering with the old school hand-on learning. The components have been kepted as basic as possible to allow easy and low cost supply.

The pcb pad size for soldering has been made as large as possible to allow for young student to assemble. The key is using a good quality solder paste. Also the parts are easly found discrete components and have been choosen to allow maximum early learning. (Electronic engineers will say the pcb's are too big and why did they not use surface mount small components).

The BOM (Bill of Material) and PCB layouts allow easily assemly with no electronics theory needed.


Design using the website software in "open mode"

Field trial your design using hardware pre-built school Ed-Blocs.

Then build your design from kits (with one common battery circuit).


The link below can be English or Chinese text

If a student see a component in a Ed-Blocs he wants to know about - Go to link below, select the Ed-Blocs, select the circuit board in the BOM (Bill of Material).

Use the scrol button to zoom in and out on schematics and pcb layout, then look at pcb BOM  to find more detail. You can go to "Links" section and get the component data sheet for all the information.

Schools who run an electronics subject need look no further. These education building blocks provide the soild starting point for students and the website supports sharing industry infomation.

View the kits