Hand made units have been assembled for schools to rent to ensure a safe and reliable product.

Rental is per case per year + freight (8 Ed-Blocs per case) - email pgkpeter@gmail.com. Just case one is enough but some school like the full set plus a few case one's.

As they have a rechargable battery with a three year battery life and the normal student wear and tear rental is the best option for schools to provide a reliable product to their students.

The hardware Ed-Blocs allow those who learn hands-on to show themselves. All kids love the team work building and testing their designs in the real world.

There is a total of 32 different Eb-Blocs. When designing you need sometimes more than one of a certain Ed-Blocs. For example a few "Timers" and "OR gates" are common in a design.

We call a full set = 5 cases (comes with a few"Timers" and "OR gates") rental is per case per year + frieght.

A few schools got together and share their Ed-Blocs during the year using their library to asset manage.

Website software has an design simulator and lessons have self generating reports for teachers. The software website is great for student home work.